Is Homework Helpful or Harmful?

There have been many controversies on the essence of homework, which led children and their parents not to support its helpfulness. Although methods and strategies differ according to individual tutors on the specific duration the assignments require. If the assessments should make up their grading points, parents help their kids get the assignments done. And if parents should be allowed to help their wards with homework. 

This article aims to answer the question of if homework is helpful or harmful.

Why is homework helpful?

Several teachers and parents have shared their experiences on the importance of homework as an academic requirement. Some said, “That the essence of homework cannot be underrated since it gives students the avenue to go through materials discussed in class. And, practice makes perfection, which helps teachers to derive other ways of helping their students to learn more in class.”

 Another argument is “that efficient teaching practice should not be checked only within the school walls, rather, in the outside world.”

A mother, who has two sons in different grades of the same school, noted “that her sons sometimes strife to get their assignment done. But, the excitement that comes after a successful work, worth the struggle. She also said that when they get assured with their homework, it helps improve their self-reliance, that is, not always depending on others to get their work done.”

When is homework harmful?

An author of the mythology of homework evaluated the importance of homework and opined that it has led to annoyance, the state of being used up, and complete boredom for kids since. Since, most times, they would not have time for other activities apart from the homework taking their whole time. It has also resulted in disagreements between parents.

Parents and homework issue

Homework comes with a lot of stress that affects not only the child. But, both the parents too. When you notice that homework is making your kids grumble and putting them on the verge of reluctance, then it is time to apply these methods:

  • Examine the strategies put in place. Try to access the number of assignments given to your child and the tutor’s duration attached to it. Always try to air out your views, even if there is no time.
  • Be concerned about how well the assignment helps their mental skills, not the number of homework they can finish. Lengthy assignments, which might look unreasonable most times, always contribute to the problems of homework. On the other hand, when given tasks that help maintain their ecstasy and thinking ability, it yields more output.
  • Know that even with the homework in focus, the comfort of your child matters. Being a parent comes with making the temperamental and mental condition of your kids an utmost concern.

It boils down to the fact that homework is not in any way harmful. It becomes dangerous only when you approach it the wrong way. When approached rightly, it tends towards being helpful to the cognitive development of your kids.

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